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Article: Candy Corn Themed Knitting Patterns

Candy Corn Themed Knitting Patterns

I had to share this article for those knitters who love candy corn.

Happy knitting ūüôā

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Baby fun to knit and crochet!

Some day my husband and I will have grandchildren…..enough said!

Some very cute baby patterns you might like to make. ¬†All the links are from Ravelry : ) I have not made any of these patterns yet, it’s Just for future reference……well plus, I like them. These baby items would make lovely shower gifts!


Baby Layette Set

Baby Bobbles hats Easy and fun to crochet (I love bobbles)

Baby Surprise Jacket  By  Elizabeth Zimmermann

Cheveron blanket Very easy classic!!  Knit

Crochet baby blanket Bobbles again

Baby Sock Great way to keep baby warm, So cute!

Baby booties Crochet, Could be for girl or a boy (omit bow)

Stay on baby booties Knit

Head band Knit

Head band Crochet

Baby mitts Knit

I really can’t knit right now as my hand is all wrapped up in a thick bandage from surgery (RA complications) and yes typing is an issue as well. ¬†But on a good note, all went well with the surgery and I will be back to normal very soon.

hand bandages

Enjoy and happy knitting and crochet! : )


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Stuff Happens, Knitting progress

As I was knitting this morning…………yes, I’m still knitting ūüôā ¬†I realize it has been over a month since I last posted a blog so thought I’d better get started on one. ¬†Stuff happens… what can I say! I am planning surgery for my hand as there is a lot of inflammation from RA in there. ¬†Still working on the Swiss Cheese Scarf (should have been done by now) It’s beginning to look like a scarf finally.

Swiss Cheese Scarf almost done

Swiss Cheese Scarf almost done

I had to buy a new phone because the old one (Samsung) was dying. ¬†Was not happy about this, as my phone was not even two years old and I paid quite a bit of money for it. ¬†The new phone is an LG Optimus G Pro, it’s Android/Google supported. ¬†My phone is very large, some people call it a Phablet because it’s a cross between a tablet and a phone. ¬†I love it and the only issue I have with it is that it does not fit in my pocket.

I have also gone back to school to study real estate law and practices in hopes to become an agent. I have always been interested in this field.  And if nothing else comes from this, at least I will have learned and accomplished something new in my sorta boring life.  Almost done with the classes and ready to take the State Board exam, (Probably after the hand surgery). Wish me luck!

Happy knitting : )


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Swiss cheese………scarf

2013-06-13 14.31.12

2013-06-13 14.30.50

Started knitting a funky scarf called “Swiss Cheese Scarf” pattern here!! Found it on Ravelry. ¬†The yarn I’m using is from Knit Picks called Stroll in fingering wt. (sock yarn) The colorway is Goldrush Tonal. ¬†Swiss cheese is actually a creamy white and this colorway is more like cheddar in color. ¬†I chose this colorway instead : )

I’m not too far along, but you can still see how it’s shaping up to look like swiss cheese. ¬†It is a hole ¬†lot of fun to knit, (pun intended)¬† Hahaha!

Since my last post I was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer, (A hole in my stomach) yeah, I know, not a good thing. ¬†I have been treated and had to stay in the hospital for two days. ¬†The cause? ¬†Too many nsaids/naproxin. ¬†I’ve always taken it for it’s anti- inflammatory properties for my RA, but guess it caught up with me. ¬†So for now, till I see my Rheumatologist, I’m taking Arthritis Tylenol. ¬†The infusion (Rituxan) ¬†that I had last month has really helped me so far, and am very grateful that there are drugs like this to help with this disease. ¬†My going gluten free and sugar free may have helped as well.

Yes, the two subjects today are all about holes!

Happy knitting : )


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Dish towels by Knit picks and waiting!!

I’m at the rheumatologist office today getting my very first Infusion (a drip IV to the vein to administer medication) to control RA symptoms. They tell me it is a five hour process, so I brought something to knit (dish towel), and also work on this blog. Time well spent I think!¬† Somebody’s got to give me a complement, lol.

working on this dish towel while at the Dr's office.
working on this dish towel while at the Dr’s office. puts together kits with their own yarns and patterns to sell. I bought their new dishtowel kit because I liked the colors in the kit, but you can mix and match the colors you like for yourself or for friends. A very simple pattern (mindless & easy) to knit but looks more complicated.  The kit comes with enough yarn to knit four dish towels.

The yarn line is called Dishie, made of all cotton. I mentioned this yarn in my last blog as well. The dishcloth will go well with matching washcloths.

No problems with the infusion so far ūüôā

Happy knitting,


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