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Knitting for Sneakers.

As of this writing, my husband and I are cat sitting for our son’s cat Sneakers while he and his family get ready to move into their new house.

Sneakers the cat

Sneakers the cat

Sneakers is such a sweet kitty and likes to cuddle too!  We almost don’t want to give him back, but his compulsion to eat Portia’s food has put a damper on things.  Our kitty named Portia is used to having food out all the time to nosh on but can’t because of Sneakers (He needs a special diet) and we want to keep him healthy while he is here.

cat toy kit

cat toy kit

felted but not stuffed yet

felted but not stuffed yet

all done but has scraps of an old towel embedded in them.

all done but has scraps of an old towel embedded in them.

Portia doesn't care

Portia doesn’t care

I knit and felted some cat toys from a kit I’ve had a long time.

My La Mesa open house

My La Mesa open house

The open house I host often these days as a Realtor.

He's a handsome dude

He’s a handsome dude

Happy knitting 😉


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Pinkish Knit Bandanna

wpid-20150322_113342.jpgHI all!  I saw this cute bandanna scarf in my latest Knit Simple Magazine, It’s super cute!   I knit one up for my beautiful daughter-In-law for one of her birthday presents.



She was very kind to model the bandanna for me so I could do this post (Thank you Darci!)  Her favorite color is PINK.  I love knitting all levels of complexity, but to be honest here I really enjoy the simple knits for when I want or need to relax.  I seem to always tense up when knitting lace, etc.

I wish everyone a blessed and Happy Easter!

Happy knitting,


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A Fun Knitting Year for 2014

It has been a fun knitting year for me simply because I became a Nana (grandma) and got to knit some fun and pretty baby things for HER!!!  Pink is Lila’s favorite color……well ah….. I mean her Mom, haha!





















Lots of hats, blankets and booties. I forgot to take pictures of everything I made (oh well).  There is much more, but nothing too complicated.  The blanket is a Lion Brand pattern with some changes, I added three colors of yarn plus I knitted four rows of each color to give it the chevron look as opposed to knitting two row of each color.  She seems to outgrow the hats I make for her but that’s a good thing 😉 Many of the patterns are from Ravelry and Etsy.  Sorry I don’t have links this time around but they are not that hard to find online.

As a Realtor, I’ve not had much time to knit and crochet more, DARN!!! But LOVE every minute of being a Realtor.  I have met so many friendly and helpful people along the way and have learned so much.

Wishing everyone an exciting and adventurous New Year,

Happy knitting 🙂



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Finished Summer KAL Shawl

Here is the shawl I showed in the last post but it’s all finished now !  I’m very pleased with how the shawl turned out, and love how Wendy Knits patterns (((hug))) the shoulders. She is so good at designing these very wearable shawls.  You can find her patterns on Ravelry here.


































Knit Picks finger weight yarn is what I chose but you may adjust the pattern for different weights.  I think this colorway will go with most coats and sweaters for Fall and Winter.  I haven’t steam pressed the points yet but you get the idea.

I have exciting news!!! I am employed with A Real Estate Brokerage office in San Diego County called Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Properties.  I have so much to learn but I don”t care.  Its something I have always wanted to do…….guess that can be scratched off my bucket list now 🙂  I’ve never really had a bucket list, but if I did, real estate would be on that list, Haha!

Happy knitting : )

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Self Publish Your knitting Book.

This is a way bloggers could turn their blogs into a book.

How about you knitters out there? Maybe you could add all the patterns you’ve created or everything you’ve ever handmade! Such a cool idea.  You could have a picture book!


wpid-20140722_125324.jpg      wpid-20140722_125349.jpg






I’ve started a KAL  (knit a long) by Wendy Johnson. It’s her Summer Mystery Shawl for 2014.

Love this yarn. It is called Stroll Tonal by KnitPicks, The colorway is Thunderhead.  Just in case you’re interested in a fun knit, I have a link here to take you to the pattern on Ravelry.  I always say we knit by faith so this one is just that, you don’t get to see what the pattern looks like ahead of time……..though I guess I am showing you a little bit of it 😉 Sorry!

Happy Knitting!


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