Posted by: trimitup | September 19, 2013

Baby fun to knit and crochet!

Some day my husband and I will have grandchildren…..enough said!

Some very cute baby patterns you might like to make.  All the links are from Ravelry : ) I have not made any of these patterns yet, it’s Just for future reference……well plus, I like them. These baby items would make lovely shower gifts!


Baby Layette Set

Baby Bobbles hats Easy and fun to crochet (I love bobbles)

Baby Surprise Jacket  By  Elizabeth Zimmermann

Cheveron blanket Very easy classic!!  Knit

Crochet baby blanket Bobbles again

Baby Sock Great way to keep baby warm, So cute!

Baby booties Crochet, Could be for girl or a boy (omit bow)

Stay on baby booties Knit

Head band Knit

Head band Crochet

Baby mitts Knit

I really can’t knit right now as my hand is all wrapped up in a thick bandage from surgery (RA complications) and yes typing is an issue as well.  But on a good note, all went well with the surgery and I will be back to normal very soon.

hand bandages

Enjoy and happy knitting and crochet! : )



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