Posted by: trimitup | May 6, 2013

Dish towels by Knit picks and waiting!!

I’m at the rheumatologist office today getting my very first Infusion (a drip IV to the vein to administer medication) to control RA symptoms. They tell me it is a five hour process, so I brought something to knit (dish towel), and also work on this blog. Time well spent I think!  Somebody’s got to give me a complement, lol.

working on this dish towel while at the Dr's office.
working on this dish towel while at the Dr’s office. puts together kits with their own yarns and patterns to sell. I bought their new dishtowel kit because I liked the colors in the kit, but you can mix and match the colors you like for yourself or for friends. A very simple pattern (mindless & easy) to knit but looks more complicated.  The kit comes with enough yarn to knit four dish towels.

The yarn line is called Dishie, made of all cotton. I mentioned this yarn in my last blog as well. The dishcloth will go well with matching washcloths.

No problems with the infusion so far 🙂

Happy knitting,



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