Posted by: trimitup | June 13, 2013

Swiss cheese………scarf

2013-06-13 14.31.12

2013-06-13 14.30.50

Started knitting a funky scarf called “Swiss Cheese Scarf” pattern here!! Found it on Ravelry.  The yarn I’m using is from Knit Picks called Stroll in fingering wt. (sock yarn) The colorway is Goldrush Tonal.  Swiss cheese is actually a creamy white and this colorway is more like cheddar in color.  I chose this colorway instead : )

I’m not too far along, but you can still see how it’s shaping up to look like swiss cheese.  It is a hole  lot of fun to knit, (pun intended)  Hahaha!

Since my last post I was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer, (A hole in my stomach) yeah, I know, not a good thing.  I have been treated and had to stay in the hospital for two days.  The cause?  Too many nsaids/naproxin.  I’ve always taken it for it’s anti- inflammatory properties for my RA, but guess it caught up with me.  So for now, till I see my Rheumatologist, I’m taking Arthritis Tylenol.  The infusion (Rituxan)  that I had last month has really helped me so far, and am very grateful that there are drugs like this to help with this disease.  My going gluten free and sugar free may have helped as well.

Yes, the two subjects today are all about holes!

Happy knitting : )




  1. Wishing you wellness and holeness . 🙂

    • Thx, I’ll do my best!

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