Posted by: trimitup | April 17, 2013

Knitting to stay calm, grounded,and sane

I have said this before and is worth repeating…….Knitting or crocheting keeps me calm or shall I say, grounded.  It’s a sort of therapy for me physically and emotionally. Physically because my hands can get very stiff throughout the day because I have RA, but too much knitting can aggravate so I must keep that in check for each day I knit or crochet.  Emotionally because, well, it’s just soothing to me and makes me happy 🙂

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

When something as senseless as a bombing at the famous Boston Marathon, believe me, we need something to calm down our nerves like knitting.  Knitting, painting, exercise of some sort, scrapbook, socializing, etc.  What ever is a constant in your life to provide assurance and normality can help.  As many people have said, we can’t live our lives in fear.  We need to move forward in our daily lives and take each day as a gift from God!  Always learning, growing, and helping others.  Continued prayers for those hurt in the bombing.

etsy pics 029

Last couple of weeks I have been just knitting the simple dishcloths  pattern (click on link).  Ravelry has many patterns to choose from so I encourage you to check them out if you don’t already have a favorite. They make great gifts and I personally love to use these in the kitchen and bathroom. (very soothing to knit) : )

My birthday was yesterday and so to celebrate, my husband took me out to dinner.  It is my second dinner for the week soon to have another dinner Friday and lunch with a friend on Saturday too.  Might as well take advantage of birthday week!!!  I received a gift card from a friend for the KnitPicks online store (she knows me so well) has a great selection of cotton yarns for knitting and crocheting dishcloths, check it out here!

Happy knitting and stay sane ; )



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