Posted by: trimitup | December 11, 2012

Crazy December

Sorry for non-posting, I have been preoccupied with Christmas stuff!  I know……no excuses 😦

December is a very busy time of the year as I know it must be for all of you.  With knitting and embroidering gifts for family and friends, shopping and just regular routine stuff, it’s hard to stay caught up. Plus!!! This past year my husband and I joined our church choir which is putting on a Christmas musical four times this week.  I’m also selling a little at my Etsy shop.  I sold this yellow bird cozy a couple of days ago: Link, it’s all good and I love this time of the year in spite of the busyness. Yellow Bird Cup Cozy

I have to show this Christmas gift I bought for the three kitties on Amazon.  Portia is clearly owning this and Romie is sleeping on the very bottom of the kitty mansion/climber, under the cat scratcher area. (Pictured below) Yes ….It’s rather tall!

kitty climber

I can’t show the gifts I’m making right now in case they are reading this post.

Our oldest son and daughter-in-law are coming this week-end to celebrate an early Christmas with us as they will be out of town for Christmas.  We are looking forward to it!!  We might visit: Old Town San Diego, lots of wonderful Mexican food there and cute shops too.

Gotta go, have a great week!!

Happy knitting and crocheting : )




  1. Marilyn, that certainly is a kitty mansion. They look like they really like it.

  2. Yeah, but none of them want to go to the very top cushy bet, Lol… afraid of heights I guess.

  3. I hear you about updating posts…been quite busy with Christmas myself. Making a big effort to update my site today though. Glad to have found your blog through The Knitting Lodge on Google+.

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