Posted by: trimitup | December 19, 2012

A Skype Christmas!

Our humble Christmas tree

Our humble Christmas tree

The Christmas musical at our church, which my husband and I sang in, was a success!  We had so much fun doing it too.  Our son and daughter-in-law were in town so they saw it and two neighbors attended as well, they all loved it.  ‘Christmas in the City’ was performed four times over three days, plus family was in town……boy, was I tired on Monday.

There’s always a letdown when celebrating a holiday with loved ones early, because you know you won’t get to see them on the actual holiday…….like Christmas.  This probably happens to almost everyone at one time or another, but is necessary.   John and I won’t be around family at all this Christmas except each other.

Image representing Hangout Industries as depic...  

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

We can Skype or Hangout (Google+) and that really helps a lot…’s almost like being there!! (sorta).

We are planning to go the the movies as well.  I hear the Hobbit is really good.  Les Miserables movie looks excellent, but I’m sure every show will be a packed house.   And with good reason, besides being a great musical, the movie was filmed live which sounds very intriguing!  Last year we rode our new bikes to the lakes around the corner from our house, it was such a warm and beautiful day.  The forecast for Christmas day this year is suppose to be 65 degrees so maybe we will go for a bike ride to the lakes again.

Well I’m still working on the afghan for my daughter-in-law, these things take time! So many things have gotten in the way of my knitting.  It’s okay though, yikes! I can’t believe I said that!! (I must be loosing it) It’s not okay to not knit because of the relaxing power it has over me……to knit is to relax! 🙂  Since I can’t knit and blog at the same time then I best be going now.

Please try to relax during the holidays (just a little!)  Happy knitting : )




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