Posted by: trimitup | November 25, 2012

Thankful for natures beauty

Thanksgiving was a wonderful time of relaxation and spending time with family and friends in Indio Ca and of course we had lots of wonderful food. I have to say relaxing because for the last few years since John and I have downsized our home we haven’t the space to fully entertain large groups of people any longer.  I do miss it but we had to go where the jobs are and it’s very expensive to live here in San Diego County.

The day after Thanksgivings we took a drive through Joshua Tree National Park  (Link), in the deserts of California. John took this picture on my cell phone of a Joshua tree.  No phone service here but luckily the camera in the phone worked great for all the photos shown. : )

A Joshua Tree

This next photo is a cholla cactus from the Cholla cactus garden where you are allowed to stroll along the designated self guided trail.  The trail is only a 1/4 mile long but so amazing and beautiful to see.  (We were not prepared and wore sandals) Ouch!!

Joshua Tree has huge rocks to climb on if interested!  (Not me) The second rock pic is called Skull Rock because it looks like a skull.

I did not do much knitting because I wanted to enjoy our trip with all the beauty around us that God created.  I hope you always take time to give thanks for friends, family and nature.  Love ya!

Happy crochet and knitting 🙂



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