Posted by: trimitup | November 21, 2012

Hostess gift idea!

Are you in need of a hostess gift or maybe several of them this holiday season?

Why not give a hand knit or crochet market bag!  With just about everybody trying to be green these days it makes sense to give something that can be used in every store they enter.  And of course with the holidays here it could be used by you and your hostess almost every day.  Remember! Some stores don’t even give out bags anymore.

The market bag I knitted was from the newest Holiday edition of Knit Simple Magazine 2012. There are some great gift ideas in there for everyone on your list.

English: Screenshot of part of the My Notebook...

Ravelry has quite a few knit and crochet market bags that are easy and fun to make.  Here are a few to get you started: Market Bag: Link. Crochet Market Bags: Link.  And the one I’m currently working on #42 Market Bag: Link  Pictured below is the one I made with two changes.  I did not make the handle as long as suggested because they often stretch too much when items are placed inside.  I used wool-ease (Lyon Brand yarn)  doesn’t stretch as much as cotton.

Fill market bags with a bag of tortilla chips and a jar of salsa to give to your hostess, or how about a bottle of wine and some chocolate. (Yum)  Or maybe with some fresh-cut flowers for the table!  Market bags can be used again and again and are probably much stronger than the ones mass-produced.  Keep a supply of market bags on hand for when you need a quick gift and or wrapping paper.  I keep them in my car but need to remember to use them for when I go shopping…….Oops!

I hope you have fun making these for your friends and family, and of course for yourself!

Happy crochet and knitting but most of all, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  (Try not to pig out too much!) 🙂



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