Posted by: trimitup | August 28, 2012

End of Summer Red Cardi!!!

Summer is ending soon…and as people always say…it went by way too fast.  Children starting school is usually the hallmark of summer ending.  But!!! There is still some beautiful weather to be had this season so go for a bike ride, picnic, or even sailing!!! (inside joke) We went sailing this summer but capsized our boat, luckily it was in shallow water and my phone was in a zip lock bag. (love those things)

The newest in my repertoire of knit cardigans is pictured below…. Notice that it’s not green but RED!!! : )  Ooops Portia made her presence known into one of the photos last minute……she’s much prettier than the cardi.  (Cute little puddy cat)  The free pattern is called Kid Serta cardigan from the Cascade Yarns website:  

Finished the back and steam pressed it and have now started the front.  I’m not using mohair as suggested, but using the alpaca blend I won on Ebay.   I  knit loose so I am knitting with a size 3 US circular needle instead of the recomended size 6.  The pattern is rather straight forward  (flat knitting & seamed) All stocking stitch but that’s ok because I like doing mindless knitting sometimes.  Should go smoothly! 
 Enjoy the rest of your Summer and Happy knitting : )

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