Posted by: trimitup | September 18, 2012

Knit then Embroider!!!

I have an embroidery machine (Janome) as some of you may know from one of my blog posts.  I’m currently embroidering on cup/mug cozies.  If you have one of those amazing machines then why not get creative and embellish on your favorite knit or crochet purses etc.!  Here are sample of what I’m embroidering on these days.

There is an incredible selection of designs online that could be used on your knitting projects like  coasters, a cardigan, headbands, etc.  I do not recommend embroidering on felted knits……..the fabric is way too dense.   Well, it might work on felted sock yarn, though.

I’m still working on the red cardigan in lace/sock yarn, only have one sleeve left to knit.  Can hardly wait to see how it turns out and to post about it.

Hope your having a great week…Happy knitting : )



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