Posted by: trimitup | August 11, 2012

TOO HOT!!! So knit small!

Southern California has been very hot and humid all week and the weather people are really making a big deal about it.  It’s funny because where I was from (Sacramento Ca. area) it is hotter by far…..well except in the desert.  It’s all relative I guess. 

I’m continuing my cup cozy knitting.  I’ve been getting orders for NFL cozies.  Guys want team colors with their own name embroidered on them.   Here’s a sample of what they want.

Pittsburg Steelers

 I won 10 skeins of alpaca yarn on Ebay and I am so excited to knit something out of it!!  I was thinking of another Simplicity cardigan.  It’s sock yarn and the colorway is a beautiful red.  I’ve never heard of Alpaca Ware yarn before but I found a website where you can buy it or just bid for it on Ebay.  The price is better if you try bidding for it!! 

I enjoyed the Summer Olympics more than I ever have before and it was fun visiting London from my TV : D   Enjoy the Olympic Closing Ceremonies Sunday (Went by too fast).   

Happy knitting  : )



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