Posted by: trimitup | July 30, 2012

Finished the Central Park Hoodie!

This cardigan was definitely not olympic knitting.   Well I finally finished the ever popular Central Park Hoodie and it feels so good to have finished it!!  I am so pleased with the cardigan, and it fits quite well to my surprise!!  If you notice a colorway theme going on in my blogs, then you would be correct in saying ……yes…… I love GREEN!  Green goes with most anything and is a good color for me, but I promise I will make the next cardigan a different color, Ha ha.

Pattern link:

Can’t wear it yet because it’s summer time…… although some times it gets a little cool in the evenings when we go to the weekly concerts in the park. 

The olympics are on and I’m wondering what is on your needles for this exciting event? 

I’ve been making cup and tumbler cozies for my Etsy shop   I like to knit easy projects so I can pay attention to the events.

Happy Olympic Knitting : )



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