Posted by: trimitup | July 20, 2012

Free Pattern: Picot Edged Cup Cozy

Here’s a very easy pattern and practical idea too!  Cup cozies are a no brainer when it comes to protecting your hands from the elements (hot or cold).  I came up with this design because I wanted something a little different from the usual and with a little flair.  This pattern is knit in the round but you could knit it flat if desired and sew the side seam up when finished. 

Picot edged Cup Cozy Pattern

4” x 4 ½ tall

 Cup cozies are the perfect hand protector from scalding hot to icy cold drinks.

I actually prefer using them for ice coffee/tea (Keeps hands dry from condensation)!

Cozy can be flipped either direction and rolled up to shorten it needed.

Beginner/Easy level: Stockinette stitch (knit every row in the round), Picot stitch, Knitted cast on.


  • 1 Size 6 us, 9” circular needles or DPN’s
  • Worsted weight yarn (I used cotton) Less than a skein of two colors.
  • 1 stitch marker

 Gauge is 4 1/2 stitches per inch, length not important. 

 Body of cozy

Cast on 34 stitches.  Place stitch marker, now join to first stitch for knitting in the round.  Knit in stockinette till cozy is about 4 inches long, cut yarn leaving a tail for weaving in later.  Change colors and knit for ½”.  Done with body, do not cut yarn.

Bind off edging:

(Using knitted cast on method)  Cast on 2 Stitches from the first Stitch to be bound off.  Now bind of 4 stitches.  Slip last bind off stitch onto working left needle and repeat with casting on 2 stitches and binding off 4 stitches around until all stitches are bound off.  Slip stitch into first stitch again, cut yarn and leave 8” tail, weave in ends and enjoy!

Happy knitting!  : )




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