Posted by: trimitup | June 8, 2012

From a Beautiful Wedding to a Yucky Cold

We had the most wonderful time at our son and daughter-in-laws wedding almost couple of weeks ago. Everything was so beautiful and to me everything went perfectly! The weather also was perfect…not too hot on the river.  We are so happy to have gained a daughter in the family…Yay!

Then back to reality…I caught a cold first on the way home…then my husband did after we got home from the trip.  But while in Sacramento I did visited my knitting friend and we went to Babetta’s in Fair Oaks, Ca, (yarn store) a place I use to visit when I lived there. We both bought some lace yarn by Blue Heron Yarns.  It’s bamboo lace and the colorway I bought is Soft Green, a great a price considering it’s 1260 yards.  My goodness, bamboo is so wonderful to knit with….incredibly soft and silky and it seems to have a great drape to it!  I’m knitting a cardigan with the bamboo yarn and the pattern is called Simplicity by Mary Annarella that calls for lace yarn….got the pattern on Ravelry you can order yours here!

Knit some slipper socks recently from Knit Picks… here they are…nice colorway and great for summer!

I’ll let you know how the cardigan is coming along on the next post.  Hope you all have a great weekend!  I have jury duty on Monday…Oh joy!!….. argg……. Ha, ha,  Happy knitting : )



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