Posted by: trimitup | June 19, 2012

Slowly I Knit…Stitch by Stitch!

The Simplicity cardigan is coming along nicely but slowly!

I’m working on the last sleeve, yay!  Almost done except for the blocking,  I’ll show the finished product in the next blog post.

My daughter-in-law, Darci, is selling her wares on Etsy from their beautiful wedding.  If you have a wedding coming up some time in the near future and have the same colors as my son and Darci’s wedding then you might want to check it out!!   She will be adding more to her shop soon.

Here’s a cool blog the my friend turned me onto! Loved today’s post about a book called “Garbology” She gives a book review that might make you want to buy this book.  It made me think about the cardigan I’m knitting right now because the yarn was made from bamboo. Yay for me!  Ha, ha.  So anyway this book talks about all the garbage in our land fills and how we can do our part in not making so much of it, like recycling, etc.  I haven’t read it but sounds like a good read!

This weekend is my husband’s birthday, so we are going the Del Mar County Fair for fun….Hurray!!  Love all the funky food there!

Sure hope you have a great week and weekend!  Happy knitting!  : )



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