Posted by: trimitup | May 9, 2012

Turn-Again Tote FUN!

This is another pattern I have been wanting to try for a few years.  I first saw this pattern at Stitches West in the Bay Area called the Turn-Again Tote.  The skill level is for advanced beginner.   Here’s the link to where you can buy this pattern…..

unfinished tote

I used fisherman’s wool by Lion Brand Yarn.  It felts wonderfully!  Here you will see that the tote is almost finished….(looks a little strange) and of course not felted yet!

The last two pictures are the finished product, (felted!)  Even my husband like the way it turned out.  The handles are leather straps that are sewn on (after felting).  A fairly quick knit.  I used two circular needles of the same size, one for each colorway.  The reason I waited so long to knit this tote is because I have a front load washing machine and was not sure if it would felt properly.  To my surprize… felts beautifully!  The tote has 8 pockets to fill with yarn stuff.

Our oldest son is getting married this coming Sunday to a wonderful girl who we love.  Lots to get ready for!  I had a cortisone shot today in my right hand for inflammation issues, so this might be a good time to take a break from knitting for a few days. 

Happy knitting  : )



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