Posted by: trimitup | May 3, 2012

The Artist in You!

While having my morning coffee and checking emails I came across The Knitting Daily email which had a review about a new book called Pop Knitting.  Check it out here!

I want to encourage you (if you haven’t done so already) to break out of your knitting or crochet usual…… and try something completely different.  We all get stuck in a rut sometimes but we don’t really learn that way.  It’s good to stretch our brains, even just a little!

It’s funny that the title on the Knitting Daily post was called….Knit Like An Artist.  You see…..I enjoy painting as well and have been reading a book called Capturing Radiant Light & Color by Susan Sarback.  The book is getting my creative juices flowing again.  It is about looking at everything around you with new eyes…..seeing colors in a still life or landscape, etc, that you have never seen before.  I love impressionist paintings like Claude Monet and Henry Hensche, they painted a simple flower with such brilliance.  I would love to see and paint like that some day. 

So getting back to the book, Pop Knitting……though I haven’t read it (not quite out yet) one can only imagine what we could learn from a book like this.  But really trying anything out of your comfort zone……like felting or maybe knitting a tote bag, socks, or possibly a tie for the guy in your life (or for you) Maybe you will find that you rather enjoy creating your own knitting and crochet patterns.  Try a little yarn bombing latey? ha, ha.  The point is to stretch yourself a little or a lot in what ever you do.

Be creative….step outside the box and have fun!…..happy knitting : )



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