Posted by: trimitup | March 11, 2012

Useful Etsy Blog

If you sell on Etsy like I do then you might find this blog interesting.  Check it out!  There are Etsy Banners for your store site and printouts for you to put with each of your orders.  There is lots of useful information for your business on how to be a better business entrepreneur.  Click here to learn more:  Etsypreneur Daily Tips Newletter.  And oh….there is a resource page…..that can be a great help to you also.  Enjoy!

One of my favorite things to sell on Etsy!                               

Beautiful day here today, but needed a little nap to play catch-up with daylights savings time, ha, ha.  

Happy knitting : )




  1. Hi Marilyn!

    Thanks for the wonderful mention of our sites and newsletter! Kim and I both really appreciate your willingness to share our links.

    Love the embroidered cozies! And I’m so with you on the daylight savings time jet-lag!

    Have a great week.


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