Posted by: trimitup | April 3, 2012

Whale Cat Toys-O-Plenty!

Lately I have been knitting lots of whale cat toys for our local Animal Shelter. It is now Spring season and that means it’s only a matter of time before all the shelters will be filled with lots of cute little fluffy kittens that will be cooped up in small cages all day.  So I want to do my part to make their days a little less boring.

The pattern I’m using is one found on Ravelry called Whale Cat Toy. by Vicki Mikulak.  Very easy pattern to knit!  (Tip!) For the stuffing, just use a little of the same yarn…..dosen’t take much.  Because these toys are for a shelter they cannot have catnip in them…..(makes them too excited).  My own cats do appreciate the catnip though as they have room to romp freely.

Happy Easter and Happy Knitting!  : )




  1. What a cool idea and so helpful to the kitties who need homes 🙂

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