Posted by: trimitup | March 4, 2012

At last……the man vest!

Finished the navy vest for my husband and he has already worn it.  John says it’s very warm and comfortable to wear.   The first picture shown is the vest without the neck and arm edges completed and of course the second one here is John wearing it. 

I had a problem with the length……….the pattern said to knit for 13″ from the bottom edge to the bottom of the arm opening.  When I finished the vest it was a little short.  Being unwilling to rip the whole thing out and start over again I decided to do a crochet edging to give the vest some length.  I’m happy with the results but would have prefered to knit the body 2″ or 3″ longer instead.  You will notice the bottom edge has an unusual second layer of ribbing, Ha,ha……..I never said I was perfect!

The pattern is called: Subtle stripe men’s vest. For those interested, you can find the pattern on Ravelry.

Happy knitting : )




  1. Very nice! I wonder, though why you didn’t show John’s face. I mean, I know it was to show the vest, but since you mentioned it was him wearing it, I was hoping to see his smiling face. =-)

    You do such beautiful work, Marilyn. I am so glad you post pictures.


    • HI Marge, good point!!!…..guess I could of but I don’t even show my face : ) Thanks for the complement!

      Hope you are fine and hope Lola gets better quickly.

      Love you all, Marilyn

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