Posted by: trimitup | December 21, 2011

Another Christmas stocking!

Made another Christmas stocking for my good friend Marge.  This stocking is crocheted, and made with super bulky yarn.  You can’t tell by the pictures but it came out huge!!! About 36 inches long, just crazy.  If I ever make another one it will be with worsted weight yarn.  The ruffle tape is from Lion Brand.  This tape spreads open as you crochet or (knit) with it, very clever, and can only be bought on their website apparently.  As a comparison, the one in the middle is the one just made and the doggie stocking that I posted about last time is on the right.  Big difference in size, Lol.  The one on the right is Marge’s own stocking…..she took these pictures and emailed them to me because I forgot to take pictures before I mailed her stocking.  Marge is using it as a decoration instead of using it for gifts because of its size.


Happy knitting  : )




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