Posted by: trimitup | December 18, 2011

knitting headbands

Hi all, it’s been awhile since the last posting…..just the holidays getting in the way and stuff.  Part of it is studying for a test to become a notary public…..will see how that goes. 

 The owner of a gallery asked if I might be interested in teaching a crochet class in town.  Not many hours to start with but could be fun or frustrating.  Anybody teaching a crochet or knitting class?…..could use a few tips.   

I have been working on headbands lately, very quick, and a fun knit….if you like fun!  These will make great last minute gifts.  This white headband is 18′ in diameter and 5 inches wide.  I just used acrylic yarn here.

Went for a drive today to Mt, Laguna in Southern California.  Lots of snow there, just beautiful!!!   The pics do not do it justice.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy knitting time : )



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