Posted by: trimitup | November 25, 2011

Finished Lola’s Christmas stocking

The stocking turned out larger than I thought and the duplicate stitch required for the bone and paw stitching are a bit tricky (not my thing).  I like it over all and hope that my friend likes it too.

Believe it or not I have never knitted a Christmas stocking before.  It took my friend to get me motivated to knit one for her.  Yes, I have knitted socks before, but never just one.  What I found was that knitting just one sock is a lot more fun…..just the thought of knitting a pair of socks is boring to me.  A suggestion for a new sock knitter would be to try a Christmas stocking first because it’s only one sock and your usually knitting with worsted weight yarn as well.  Give it a go!!!

I meant to post this blog yesterday but life got in the way.  For Thanksgiving we went to are our future daughter-in-law’s parent’s home in Palm Springs area (tuff, huh?) …..A  fun and eventful time for all.  The weather was beautiful so today we went to the driving range for a little practice time (I’m terrible), but was still fun!

I hope all of you had a very warm and Happy Thanksgiving.   Safe travels!  happy knitting ; )




  1. Very nice job Marilyn. I definitely need to do this for Woody and Ellie.

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