Posted by: trimitup | October 30, 2011

Doggie Christmas Stocking for Lola! & Wendy Knits lace book

I have a good friend Marge who asked me to knit a christmas stocking for their new addition to the family.  The new addition happens to be a cute boxer named Lola!  My friend knows how to crochet but this pattern happens to be a knit pattern. 


As you can see on the left side, the cuff portion will be folded in half and sewn in later.  Working on the leg now. (doesn’t look like much now) I am suppose to stitch a doggie bone and paws on the stocking but I’m not very good at stitchery on knitted fabric.

Ordered this book by Wendy Knits and received it last week.  Her book is beautifully done.  Lots of visual techniques  for stitch work and tricks to help you along with the patterns you choose to venture into, like for casting on and binding off.  Even tricks for helping keep your place on each row.  There is something for everybody, whether a beginner or advanced knitter.  There are scarves, shawls, mittens, gloves, sweaters, even an afghan all with lace techniques.  20 projects in all! Looking forward to knitting from this book.   Sure hope you are enjoying the Fall Season.

Happy knitting : )



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