Posted by: trimitup | September 6, 2011

Wool and Sailing?

My husband and I were going to go sailing for Labor Day but the weather was not cooperating at all.  There was thunder and lighting and of course rain.  Just as well……a bit nervous about going anyways.  Can you imagine knitting on a sail boat?  I can’t, so I was not planing to bring it along.  I had visions of the knitted wool getting  sopping wet, and when wool gets wet it gets very heavy…

We did however enjoy a nice drive out on the country roads where it was not raining, and stopped to have a nice lunch and some pie!  🙂

Almost done with the Plimico cardi from the Knit2gether book. It takes me awhile because of arthritis settling in my wrist these days.  Just finishing the edging then sew on the sleeves then I’m done.   I will show the finished product next time.


Happy knitting : )



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