Posted by: trimitup | May 5, 2011

Monogomous knitting!

I prefer small knitting projects like cowls or hats over long project like an afghan. Maybe because my attention span is a bit short and I keep seeing new patterns that I can’t wait to knit.  Or I get a pattern idea and can’t wait to get started on it. 

Why not have other projects on my needles at the same time?  Well I do now…….thanks to my knitting friend, and you know who you are! (She made me see the light.).  I use to be a monogamous knitter and crocheter, but still prefer one thing at a time on my needles or hook.  So now thinking about it………. why not have one long project and one short project going on at the same time and maybe a KAL (knit along) too?  They are all completely different and there for, easier to keep track of.  (by the way, I am doing a KAL now) 

I would love to hear how many projects are on your needles at one time right now!  Is it an issue keeping track of all of them?  Do you have trouble switching between projects and the pattern change that goes with each one?  Are you a monogamous knitter and why!   Would love to hear your comments!!!

Happy knitting 🙂




  1. At present I have 5 projects in the works! 2 knit and 3 crochet. I find keeping several projects affords me the option to fit the right project into the amount of time I have available to stitch. Happy knitting!

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