Posted by: trimitup | May 2, 2011

Free Kneading cloth pattern for kitty and you!

My kitties like to knead on my arm, stomach or leg……that can be painful!  I clip their claws but sometimes they can still snag my sweaters.  In the summer when the kitties want to knead and I’m wearing a t-shirt they can still scratch even when their claws a clipped.  Hence…. the kneading cloth!!!

You can keep the cloth near your favorite spot to sit and when you have a kitty the in the mood……….voila!!!  For those who have de-clawed kitties than your cat might just enjoy at anyways as a place to nap and keep your furniture from getting all furry.

With some thought and experience with cats I knew that I would need a rather dense fabric.  So with that in mind knitting with two strands of yarn instead of  one would work better and knitting in a garter stitch would make the cloth softer and squishy and protect your clothes and skin from harm. I used Homespun yarn, it’s not too expensive and the cats don’t really care.  I found out that they liked Homespun yarn because a few a years ago I made a lot of prayer shawls and found that the cats gravitated to them. I still have the one I made for my mother, though sadly she passed away a few years ago.  One of my cats just loves that old shawl and yes it’s a mess but at least it’s being used!  So anyway please don’t use expensive yarn!!!

The second picture is of Romie covering the unfinished kneading cloth so you really can’t see it……as you can tell I wasn’t very far along and she’s a large cat. 

Here's Romie sleeping on it before it's done.









  • Easy Kneading cloth Pattern:

Homespun yarn by Lyon Brand (I used leftovers from other projects) Size US 11 needles.  Gauge doesn’t matter.

Cast on 45 stitches using two different color strands of yarn throughout.  Knit garter stitch for however long you want it to be.  The one pictured is measures 20″ by 16″   

Told ya it was easy!

Happy knitting 🙂   marilynknits



  1. Maybe just sew or cast them in two off too together.

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