Posted by: trimitup | May 7, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

My mom with her great granddaughter

My mom with her great granddaughter

These came from my oldest son this week!

When My mother moved in with us the first time, she had broken her hip and needed someone to assist her in her daily care and needs.  My step dad had just died two weeks earlier, so she had a lot to deal with.  That was ten years ago!  My mother eventually moved in with us in 2003 permanently until her passing in December 2007……I miss her so much! There is not a day when I don’t think about her.

 She was a very loving mother and seemed to only care about our happiness (my sister and I). She was always cleaning something.  She loved washing clothes; once my husband said she was having an affair with the washing machine because she was always using it.

She did not know how to knit or crochet so she would ask me to make things for her.  I crocheted Afghans for her, knitted sweaters, shawls, bags, scarfs and mittens.  I loved making things for her. (she did a lot for me!)  My mom loved latch hook rugs and hand embroidery.  Her eyes started going bad so she had to give them up.  Another thing she loved to do were word-search puzzles, whenever she or my step dad went to the doctors she would pull out a book of word search puzzles from her purse and start working on them.

So many memories to tell but would be too much to write about here.  I encourage you to do something special for your mother as often as possible.  Or if she is already gone…… please remember all the good things about her and make something in memory of her today!

Happy Mothers Day! 🙂




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