Posted by: trimitup | April 26, 2011

Yarn…..Cottage style!

I visited a yarn store recently in San Diego  A friendly, cozie yarn store in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego, and yes it’s very close the beach.  I bought some Malabrigo finger weight yarn there.  Not sure what I’m going to make with it yet, (maybe a shawl) but I am very excited to knit with it.  The sales person said it’s a popular colorway (Indiecita 416) made with 51% Silk and 49% Merino wool, 150 yards each.  That should enough for a shawl!

The Needlecraft Cottage had a nice selection of yarn and supplies such as for embroidery & needlepoint.  They even have a collection of Laurel Burch accessories like pouches and bags… love her stuff!  They also offer lots of various knitting & crochet classes.

While I was there, someone from the store was taking pictures for the Needlecraft Cottage Facebook account.  They are also Ravelry, check them out! 

I plan to visit there again!

Happy knitting 🙂



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