Posted by: trimitup | March 16, 2011

Getting reorganized…..sorta

I have been feeling the need to reorganize everything, including my yarn stash and knitting supplies.

Sorting through patterns.

I don’t know about you but collecting knit and crochet patterns has become a big hobby for me.  Many patterns are stored on my computer, but then feel the crazy need to print most of them out, just in case!!!  I had to sort though all of them and decide how to binder them up, meaning……… do I put cowls in a separate binder or do I put the scarfs and cowls together.  And what about the hat patterns, the coffee cozy patterns.  Do I put sweaters and vest together with baby sweaters??? Or just baby stuff separate? (currently the way it is)

Then I forget which way I have organized all the patterns (done this before with books).  Did I put that afghan pattern that I want to knit in with the baby stuff??? because it really was a baby blanket that I want to convert to an afghan.

A lot of the patterns I collect are from Ravelry and many are from other various knit & crochet web sites.  Many patterns were free and some I purchased.  I have several E-books too.  I store some of the patterns on my Kindle if they are in PDF format. (Did I say I love my Kindle?)

What about all the knitting magazines?  That’s a hard one…..I don’t want to cut up the magazines and take out what I want because sometime down the road, my tastes might change, or somebody might want me to knit them something that I knew I saw in one of them.  Plus the magazines are just too attractive to dismember.  Not really sure how to organize them except to put sticky flags on my favorite pages, but then later wondered why I had marked that page!  Good memory helps.   I think the magazines will be stored in magazine boxes by their name.   The saga continues!!!  I need help!  Your comments are welcomed. 

Happy knitting!

marilynknits 😉



  1. I have the same dilemma on organizing my patterns. What I think I will be doing is making broad catagories and subdividing. Sweaters: cardigans: adult: child. I haven’t done this yet so we’ll see how it works out. I’d like to put a photo or discription on the label for quick ID.

    Organizing is tough. I think each person has their own system. It’s just finding what works for them. Good luck!

    • Thank you for the info, I like the idea of putting a photo or description with the label.

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