Posted by: trimitup | March 20, 2011

Knitting Rules!

My friend and I had the wonderful opportunity to take a sock knitting class with the very funny Yarn Harlot herself Stephanie Pearl- McPhee.  She really knows her knitting stuff and is a fun teacher.  You should watch her knit, her fingers are lightning fast!  Here’s a pic of Stephanie (on your left), my friend Grace and I with her at the end of class, (She called us the paparazzi).

Sephanie on your left, me in the middle and friend Grace

Her knitting book “KNITTNG RULES!” is one of those books that you want to go back to from time to time to refresh your skills.  She has many tricks and formulas to help you when you don’t want to use a pattern but want to create your own from scratch.  This book has a wealth of information in it…… fact it makes me want to go read it again. 

Happy knitting!

marilynknits 🙂


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