Posted by: trimitup | February 13, 2011


My friend and I started a knit-a-long shortly after my husband and I moved to Southern California.   Not really sure how long they usually take to finish.  I’m sure that the bigger the knitting project is the longer it would take to complete.  We are knitting the Central Park Hoodie as our knit-along and have had life get in the way of our finishing this project. (not that we would have finish it by now.)  But I’m selling on Etsy and Christmas was a busy time for me, trying tp keep up with sales, and now my friend needs to knit many hats for an upcoming youth group trip.  So there you have it, life gets in the way!  I might add that we are doing this through the magic of Skype-ing.

Romie on finished backside of Central Park Hoodie

 Getting ready to take this picture when my cat came along and sat on it, perfect timing!

Last night my husband and I went to an early Valentines dinner party put on by where my husband works.  They had it at the Marriott Hotel ballroom, and turned out to be a lot of fun.  As I said before we are very new to San Diego and so it was good to socialize a bit.   It was a dressier occasion than we though it would be.  I really wish I had a pretty lacy shawl to wear.  This leads me right into the next topic which is…. I must make a lovely lacy shawl for possible events like that one again….I want to be ready!  Not sure what I want exactly, like what color.  I was thinking black but it’s hard to knit black as it soaks up lots of light.   Not sure of the shape I want ether, maybe rectangle (stole) so it could wrap nicely over my shoulders and not have to worry about  a tail to sit on like the triangle shawls.  and then what yarn to use, because of where we live  I thought bamboo might be nice or silk. 

So I was thinking that when we are not doing the knit-along I might knit a new shawl.

Happy Valentines Day and Happy knitting!

marilynknits 🙂


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