Posted by: trimitup | February 9, 2011

The Good the Bad, the Ugly Slippers

Remember the slippers I mentioned recently when I gave a review on the newest Filati magazine?  I finished them on Super Bowl Sunday.

finishing slipper #1


Hear are the slippers partially knitted.

Hear is the way they looked before felting.  Just as I expected, very large indeed…..but then….

done....Now to felt them!


Felting gone terribly wrong....

Well they did not turn out the way I thought they would.  I have felted many project before but nothing that turned out like this!   They turned out too long and were way too narrow to even put on and shape into place before drying.   So I looked at the pattern again to see what went wrong. The only change I made was to make the slippers longer by a few stitches.  Maybe I should have added a few more stitches to make them wider, but they still would not have been wide enough.  Could I have felt them too much?  They just did not felt well (proportionately).  It could have been the yarn too.  It could certainly NOT have been my fault!!!! LOL

I don’t like being wasteful so the slippers will be used in a future project in some way.  Maybe make coin purses, or pockets for totes.  Any suggestions?

Happy knitting,

marilynknits 🙂


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