Posted by: trimitup | February 16, 2011

Rainy day knitting in SD.

Rain storm

Got this off the internet, too dark to take a pic!

Well it’s raining around here and the forcast is rain for the next 7 days or so.  I do like  the sounds of the rain around our patio, and when you drive the car it’s kinda fun if it’s a mild rain.  But my understanding is that the rain is going to get much worse, like back in December of 2010.  The rain was so bad that it flooded many parts of San Diego causing many people to be forced out of their homes for a while and driving was quite dangerous.  The people of SD are not used to all this rain because of  many years in a drought.

On the other hand, the rain sometimes causes my mood to go on the down swing.  Not so much today!  I do have my knitting to meditate on.  (Not that I really meditate on it!)  The wrap I’m working on is a beautiful pattern from the Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders book.  The pattern is called Calypso Shrug/Shoulder Wrap.  I added it to my projects on Ravelry this week.

Araucania yarn

 This yarn is wonderful!  Very soft and I love the colorway (Color: 1020)  It’s super wash wool which I like so I don’t have to worry about it accidentally shrinking. (I do have shrinking issues)  This wrap says happy all over it!  There for I am feeling happy today in spite of the rainy day.  Will see what tomorrow may bring…..

Happy knitting

marilynknits 🙂


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