Posted by: trimitup | February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Knitting!

Every year during Super Bowl I like to have something on my needles. This year I’m finishing up the slippers for my husband and then starting on a hat/cowl combo.  I Just cast on so I don’t have much to show here.

hat/scarf combo, just casted on the needles

The yarn is by Bernat  Baby Jacquards and the colorway is Cherry Berry.  My son’s fiance loves pink and so I thought she might enjoy this combo.  I call it that because it’s a hat with an opening on both ends and you thread an i-cord through the top and tie closed for a hat or release it if you want to turn it into a cowl to keep your neck warm.

It has been tradition in our home to serve chili with all the sides like salad, rice, cornbread and toppers for the Super Bowl every year.  Sometimes I have to admit that I do change it out for pizza instead.   My husband loves to watch the game and I like the commercials and knit.  We both like puppy bowl on APL a lot so we watch that when there’s a slow time during the game.  Kitty half time is fun too!

The game is getting ready to start so I must depart….Happy knitting!

marilynknits 🙂  


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