Posted by: trimitup | February 3, 2011

Knitting places?

I’m amazed that some people can actually knit at the movie theater. I wish that I could do that but I need to look down at my work too much to see what I’m doing.  Maybe some day!

But I do like to knit in the car (If I’m not the driver of course).  One time my husband and I took our vacation to Yellowstone Park and stayed with some friend’s there.

The drive was rather long so during our trip I knitted a pair of pink socks.  Though fairly new at this sock knitting business, it was enjoyable.   I’m lucky in that I don’t get car sick while knitting or reading in the car.  Well anyway, the time went by a lot quicker when I was knitting than when I was doing the driving!

Here’s a picture of the socks knitted on the way to and from Yellowstone Park.

  Not a great pic, but here they are!

Before the big move to Southern California, my friend and I would knit at a coffee-house weekly.   Sometime people even showed interest in what we were doing.  I really miss all that. Now we Skype once a week and do our knitting that way and of course lots of talking too! 

 Some people like to knit at the grocery store while waiting in line to pay for their goods.  Others like to knit at the doctor’s office.  If your creative you can get a lot of knitting done when your in a pinch to get that gift done in time.    Happy knitting places!

marilynknits 🙂


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