Posted by: trimitup | January 6, 2013

Pain relief one stitch at a time???

A friend and I went to Neiman Marcus last week to have our makeup done and to have lunch there as well (A thank you gift!) As I was having my makeup applied (by Vicky), I told her that I’m a knitter, sell on Etsy and have a knitting blog but was having trouble knitting lately because RA (rheumatoid arthritis) is slowing me down.  Vicky told me that her mother was healed from RA…….. of course I had to ask how?  She texted her mom to find out more and her mother said to read “The New Arthritis Breakthrough”  So I thanked her and bought the book on Amazon that day.

 The book is an eye opener and I am sooooo excited to see if it will help me.  I will post the progress if I am able to do this treatment but first need to see my Rheumatologist next month.  Strange as it sounds, an antibiotic is used as the treatment so I pray that I’m a good candidate for this.

*If any of you have heard of this book and treatment or have tried it then I would LOVE to hear from you!!! (positive or negative reports, please).  Thank you so much!!

2012-08-07 21.05.51

Heidi is a very creative cat, she loves to use yarn skeins as pillows!

Happy knitting and crochet   🙂




  1. Have you heard of the organization Stitchlinks? They’re involved with a lot of research on the usefulness of knitting in pain management/relief (free newsletter, too)- I find it very helpful.

    • No I haven’t, thank you I will check it out 🙂

      • Best wishes…

  2. wishing you good luck with this!

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