Posted by: trimitup | January 29, 2012

Vest For Husband!

For the first time ever my husband John asked ME to knit him something.  You see, he does not like to wear sweaters (too warm), yes I have made him hats to keep his head warm……….I knit John a sweater once long ago but it did not fit him well (no understanding of gauge then) and I didn’t know at the time that he didn’t like to wear sweaters. 

Where he works it gets a bit cold at times so he thought if he wears a knit vest it can be taken off easily when he gets too warm.  So I’m thrilled to knit him a vest, and best thing is it shan’t take that long.  The only downfall is that John wants it in a navy color which as some of you night know can be difficult color to knit with (dark).

The yarn is a ho hum kinda yarn…….not very exciting. The yarn is by Loops & Threads and distributed by Michael’s.  I’m having some trouble with the yarn splitting so I need to pay close attention to that issue.

This is what the vest will look like when finished.  The pattern is called: Subtle stripe men’s vest.  For those interested, you can find the pattern on Ravelry.

These are pics of the lake around the corner from our house where we ride our bicycles.  Taken with my cell phone, not too bad!


Hope you’re enjoying the new year……Happy knitting  : )



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