Posted by: trimitup | October 11, 2011

Another move to knit by…..

No knitting has been worked on for about 2 weeks…..yes, unbearable I know! But needed to prepare for a move to a more permanent address. It took about a year to decide where we wanted to live before buying another home. I think we will be happy in our new place even though we’re now in a condo/townhouse (much less maintenance!). The kitties are so much happier here too! There are lakes just around the corner from where we live (Walking distance).

Today I’m waiting for the carpet man to arrive to replace old carpet in the office/craft room. Once that is done I can get back to work unloading boxes and then get back to work on my next knitting project. I also volunteer at an animal shelter but haven’t been able to work there either….I miss the kitties at the shelter! The one below is our kitty named Portia who is sleeping away the day.

Happy knitting : )



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