Posted by: trimitup | August 19, 2011

Thinking Fall!!!

I know it’s still summer, but I noticed that people are starting to buy fall items such as hats and scarves from my ETSY store.  So I guess I should start knitting more fall items to put in it.   I’ve been seeing the beginnings of Halloween in the stores already, haven’t you? is a wonderful place to get lots of ideas for the fall and winter weather.  Daily there are dozens of new patterns being offered by seasoned designers and new designers, too. I have a plethora of patterns from ravelry already so really….. I should just start using more of those instead of collecting more.  (That’s so hard to do :o)   Sometimes, I get over loaded with too much information and land up just doing the same favorites.  So, no, I haven’t decided what new fall things to knit yet.

On a different note, my younger son just Skype‘d me while I was working on this blog to tell me that he is working on the music for a popular television show…..can’t tell you which one ’til it’s in the bag.  I am so proud of him!  But the sad part is, he can’t visit till he’s done with the music gig.  See…….he was going to visit us next week, but then this music thing came up.  We haven’t seen him since our move to Southern California.

PS, I will let you know what tv show my son is writing music for soon!

Happy knitting : )



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