Posted by: trimitup | July 20, 2011

Finished the cardi vest!

Well I finally finished the Botanica Medallion cardigan from Vogue knitting magazine, Spring/Summer issue, 2009.  I’m pretty happy with the results and am now glad I chose this pattern.  The yarn used is from’s website, 70% Tanquis Cotton, 30% Linen.  I prefer cotton blend’s because they don’t stretch as much as all cotton does.  Hear are some pics of the cardi vest……..

Maybe some time I’ll get brave enough to model what I make instead of always using Gertrude! Lol

On a different note, remember the two cats I watched for ten days?  The owner of those cats gave me a hair cut…..I must say that was the best hair cut I’ve had since moving to Southern Ca,  thank you Jacky (That’s how she spells it.)

What a busy weekend in SD.  Comic Con, the Del Mar horse races and a huge soccer game between Mexico and Madrid at Qualcomm Stadium.  No rooms left at the inn this weekend! 

Happy knitting : )



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