Posted by: trimitup | July 11, 2011

Keeping up appearances!

My front door is being freshly painted today… reminds me of keeping up appearances (to look good).  And while I’m all for that it doesn’t hide the fact that, that’s all it is. 

 For people who don’t knit they might not realize how complicated some knitted projects can be so may not fully appreciate a gift, like a pair of socks. Sometimes I mess up my knitting (what a surprise!) and don’t catch it till much later.  You can either  rip it out (called frogging)  to the mistake and fix it or you can hide the mistake by simply fixing it with a yarn and needle. Example:  In socks if you are not pulling tight enough when doing the short rows at the heel you can have a hole, it can be fixed later by sewing up the hole on the wrong side of  the sock. (Keeping up appearances!)

No one will ever know!

Happy knitting!  🙂



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