Posted by: trimitup | July 2, 2011

A Fair Event!

My husband and I went to the San Diego County Fair yesterday….boy was it a lot of fun!  For the last twenty years if we went to the fair it was always the Sacramento State fair, so it was a nice change.  I love all the vendors when I go to these things and like to see all the latest and greatest gadgets.  I also enjoy looking at all the hobbies that people display (like knitting of course).  There was also an amazing display of gems, rocks and jewelry of all kinds.   My husband has always wanted a geode which is a hollow rock with some kind of quartz inside, (this one is from Mexico).  Anyway at the fair you choose the rock you want and they crack it open right there in front of you, well this one was amethyst inside so we were thrilled.  This picture is only half of the geode and the pic doesn’t do it justices.


Here’s some cute alpacas, wish I could have one……… and the plus would be a lovely cardigan!!!  We were at the fair seven hours, well worth the admission price!  Very tired though.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  Happy knitting : )



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