Posted by: trimitup | May 26, 2011

Knitting for the Troops!

I live in a military town, so it’s not surprising to hear about many events that support them here.  There are lots of fundraisers like golf tournaments, races, fairs, etc. to help give support to the military in areas where they might not get help from the armed forces. Like for extra medical expenses not covered or for emergency trips   (The money only goes so far.)

I am very proud to live in a community where you see such support for the armed forces, and want to do my part by knitting for the military in some way.  My husband was in the military stationed at West Point years ago and I am very proud of him, but wished I could have knit for him had known him then.  (I do now!)

Memorial Day weekend is almost here and, if you are interested in knitting something to support the troops, here are a few links to check out that might inspire you to give back to them who have done so much for us!  Maybe you could knit helmet liners or gloves, they can really use them when going to war in the cold seasons.

Happy knitting 🙂



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