Posted by: trimitup | May 31, 2011

Autumn Dream Scarf finished

I’m pretty happy with the Autumn Dream scarf by Wendy Johnson. The yarn used was Malabrigo sock yarn the colorway is called Turner but my son asked if the color was camoflage…..I’m not very happy with that comment, I’m not very happy with the colorway any longer, either.

The update on the mystery shawlette…’s a good thing gone bad……apparently when I did the set up row for the shawlette I was off by two 12 stitch sections so it had become lopsided and didn’t notice till well into it.  So I am very sad and very behind on  the KAL and not sure at this time that restarting is what I want to do right now.  In my mind I had already begun to move on to another project when the shawlette was done.  Will see!

Happy knitting 🙂




  1. my goodness, that is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been itching to knit another shawlette and your blog post just inspired me to knit THIS one. Thank you!!! Absolutely lovely.

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