Posted by: trimitup | February 18, 2014

Saying goodbye to an old friend.

We have had the most beautiful weather for winter in Southern California…..meaning warm and sometimes into the 80’s!  A most odd year so far, hope that does not mean we will have a very cool summer.  But no matter the weather, it’s always perfect for knitting.  The chevron cowl I knit for a friend was finally finished in January, yay!!  The cowl scarf is 6 feet long.



We sadly lost a family member and friend last week named Heidi cat, she was about 17 years old and was very much a part of our family. She was sick for a very short time.  Heidi was so smart and stubborn.  She loved to talk to us (very vocal).  Heidi left behind a sister of the same age and a much younger stepsister.  We miss her so much.

Miss Hidy cat warming up over the heater vent.

Miss Heidi cat warming up over the heater vent.


Enjoy the last week of the Winter Olympics,

Happy knitting : )



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