Posted by: trimitup | October 24, 2013

Being in the moment

2012-10-13 12.03.10 I was mindlessly thumbing……. (Yep) through one of my favorite magazines, when I saw a series of very good articles on being in the moment.   You hear and read a lot about being in the moment, savor, or relish the moment.  (No multitasking here)  It’s actually really hard for me to stay focused and in the moment, I’m sorry to say.  Most of the time I’m thinking about what’s next for the day, month, year etc.  Just ask my husband!  A.D.D. runs in our family so I’d like to think it’s mostly that, (No excuses here) but I think most of us have issues with living in the moment from time to time most of the time, don’t you think?

When knitting, If i am not in the moment, then that is when stupid mistakes happen and it costs me a lot of time to make it right again.  In one of my first blog posts, Link: Duotasking-Knitting I talk about what happens when you are doing too many things at once and that the end result can be a disaster.  The Wall Street Journal says Multitasking makes us stupider.  Hummm.  We are not stupid people but just not being in the moment.  There……. I got that of my chest 🙂

2013-10-24 13.23.19

2013-10-24 13.22.43I have finished the Swiss Cheese scarf: pattern here is free from Ravelry.  The yarn is from Knit Picks, called “Stroll” in fingering wt. (sock yarn) The colorway is Goldrush Tonal. I used two skeins. Love, love, love the colorway because it complements many colors in my wardrobe. I do wish the scarf was just a little longer but ran out of yarn.

The pattern was not very difficult to knit, somewhat fun but after awhile I did get a little bored.

Starting a new project soon for a friend and maybe some baby projects.  Show ya next time!

Please try to stay in the knitting moment so you don’t have to frog, haha!



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