Posted by: trimitup | February 9, 2013

My favorite vest ever and Blooming flower tea!

2013-01-30 14.34.13

M2013-01-30 14.24.35y all time favorite vest is called Ribbed Vest that I got through Ravelry. The pattern is from Plymouth Yarn as well as the yarn.  The yarn is called Baby Alpaca Grande and is to die for. It’s the most wonderful yarn I have ever knit or worn!!!  Everyone should knit or crochet with this yarn at least once 🙂  Sooooo soft, the drape is amazing……oops sorry for drooling.  Oh yeah the colorway is indigo.

I ordered this tea through Amazon, and it came in these adorable little containers. 

2013-02-06 13.03.34 2013-02-09 08.45.26 2013-02-09 08.53.28 2013-02-09 08.47.21The tea is by Summit Tea &  The flavors are Green Blooming and Jasmine Blooming (cute names)  You place one in a glass teapot, gently pour hot water over the tea.  Then you watch the leaves slowly unfurl to reveal a beautiful flower. (so Fun!) Tastes great and is supposed to be better for you then regular ground tea. I highly recommend this particular brand because the tea is very smooth. One blooming flower will last all day, you just keep adding hot water to the pot.  I bought mine on Amazon but the link above is a direct link to their store.  Be sure to look for the blooming tea as they have so many teas to choose from.

Happy knitting : )




  1. My girlfriend and I had this flowering tea before. You are right. It is so cool to watch! And the tea tastes good. Love the vest to btw! Lovely!

    • Yeah, we are having the tea again this morning……so good!

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